Monitoring and dispatching of plants

State-of-the-art systems for asset control

The PLC group, by means of MSD Service, performs remote monitoring and plants dispatching orders management, using one state-of-the-art control center.

The experience of the PLC team in the monitoring, remote measurement and remote control of electricity production plants powered by renewable sources allows to monitor and dispatch multiple assets, including power infrastructures, wind and photovoltaic plants.

The Acerra control center, developed by PLC, allows quick and easy access to the plants connected to Terna’s control system for dispatching services.

To date, through the Control Room in Acerra and Costanza, the PLC group monitors over 360 assets, for a total power of over 4 GW.

MSD Service offers electricity dispatching services

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PLC Service is specialized in the maintenance of electrical infrastructures and photovoltaic systems

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