A constant process of digitalization and sustainability.

PLC is constantly engaged in Research and Development to improve the quality of the service offered to customers and to optimize the operation of the Group in Industry 4.0.

The main R&D activities are aimed at restructuring the organization of work and processes, with the aim of implementing a real technological leap in the coming years.

The group has set important macro-objectives, such as:

  • Data Management – Digitalization of “O&M” and Construction processes
  • Knowledge Management – Internalised management of specialist know-how
  • Change Management – 4.0 technology training for staff


Control Center 4.0: AR, lot, Al

With the study of technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AL) and IoT it was possible to engineer an integrated system aimed at optimizing the management, operation and maintenance of production plants from Renewable Sources.

In order to implement the tried and tested technological solutions, a highly specialized headquarters has been created, a “Control Center 4.0” that at full speed, in addition to the first level Remote Control, will group together:

  • A second level SCADA system for data historisation, reporting and performance analysis of managed assets
  • Service Engineering for Advanced Diagnostics, RCA, and Predictive Retrofit Design
  • A 4.0 Technical Support Center, for specialist field support through augmented reality


Platform 4.0 for the development of advanced RES services

Through further studies and in-depth analysis of the 4.0 technologies introduced (Al, AR/VR and IOT), thanks also to the calls co-financed by MIMIT, have been launched new projects  to continue the process of sustainable evolution of the group, such as:

  • CEV/Digital Twin – Design of Virtual and Immersive Power Plants
  • WFM – Implementation of Field Service Management for Optimized Planning
  • PLC Academy – Creation of a training centre for technical and safety training

The ultimate goal is the creation of an Operation Maintenance Planning Management (OMPM) platform, integrated into Control Center 4.0, for advanced diagnostics and predictive maintenance.

PLC Service is specialized in the maintenance of electrical infrastructures and photovoltaic systems

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PLC System creates electrical connection infrastructures and energy plants from renewable sources

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