Efficiency and performance at the highest levels

The PLC group offers various packages of services and activities, fully adaptable to the needs of each customer, in the renewable energy and electrical infrastructure sectors.

Acting as O&M provider, the group provides periodic monitoring of the plants, ensuring maximum production efficiency and carrying out an ordinary, extraordinary and predictive maintenance service, in addition to the replacement of components.

The systems are monitored 24h / 24h by a special control room, guaranteeing the highest levels of performance. The operator also receives monthly reports that indicate the performance of the plant.

To date, considering all the services provided to customers, the PLC group manages about 7 GW attributable to wind farms, photovoltaic systems and electrical infrastructures.


Regular maintenance helps prevent equipment failures that can cause power loss and extend the service life of the infrastructure. The activities are carried out every six months, annually or biennially based on a detailed plan shared with the customer.


PLC also performs numerous predictive maintenance activities in order to reduce unpredictable plant downtime and to schedule corrective activities. To ensure maximum plant performance, PLC makes use of specialized technicians and engineers distributed throughout the national territory.

PLC Service is specialized in the maintenance of electrical infrastructures and photovoltaic systems

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PLC Service Wind is specialized in the maintenance of wind turbines

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