Digital innovation, focus on process integration and driving force for growth

PLC’s commitment to digital innovation and the efficiency of business processes

PLC accelerates further towards the strategic goal of positioning itself on the market as an independent multi-technological operator, thanks to the entry into operation of the new management system that involves all the companies of the group currently active in most of the renewable energy supply chain.

Giovanni Luca Di Maio, ICT Director of PLC, spoke about it with Market Insight.

“The PLC Group is realizing its constant commitment to digital innovation by concluding the project for the launch of the new ERP. In fact, during last July, in compliance with the scheduled deadlines, all the companies of the historic PLC core went live on the new ‘Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O’ platform “, says Di Maio.

An activity that took about a year of work, in which “the ICT team directed by me focused on the historical realities of the group, a dozen in all – from PLC System to PLC Service, from PLC Service Wind to PLC Power – which represent our core business “.

The next steps include “by the end of 2022, the launch of the new management software for the subsidiary Schmack Biogas and for the second quarter of 2023 the extension to the foreign subsidiaries of the Monsson Group”, the manager specifies.

The cornerstone of this substantial project is certainly the “reorganization of all business processes, that will be unified and integrated into a single platform that will become corporate ERP at group level, thus overcoming the current differences between the three different perimeters that make it up today. after the acquisitions of Monsson Operation and Schmack Biogas ”.

With the implementation of the new ERP, “PLC therefore puts digital innovation and the efficiency of business processes at the center of its objectives, with expected improvements that are already evident today, a few months after the launch”, declares with satisfaction the ICT Director.

“First of all, we have found an improvement in the administrative and accounting management processes and an efficiency of the Project Management, thanks to advanced order control tools”.

Precisely on this front, “the new controlling model makes it possible to conduct scalable analyzes from the individual company to the entire group, maintaining consistent logic, and is able to provide accurate analytical data in real time to support management decisions”.

Again, “the adoption of an ERP solution in the cloud – and therefore of an ever-current tool whose continuous updating is guaranteed by the vendor itself – ensures greater data security and availability”.

In terms of business, Di Maio points out, this system “will have a direct impact on the Services segment and especially in the O&M area, improving interaction and exchange of information with our customers”. An ambitious intervention, which “will bring an undoubted competitive advantage, also in terms of margins”.

As mentioned, one of the key elements on which the PLC Group focuses to ride the crest of the evolutionary wave is innovation. And this is “the real added value in the project of the new ERP fielded by the ICT team, which has rethought and redesigned the business processes after a long and fruitful work of listening, studying and mediating between the different needs coming from the numerous key users of the company of the group”, the manager proudly remarks.

And to support this important change, not only technological but also and above all in corporate culture, PLC strongly wanted to accompany its people with adequate training to guide, understand and use company processes, aiming for an overall and cohesive growth of the group.

The new ERP, therefore, represents for the company led by CEO Diego Percopo “the innovative element that favors the integration between the different souls of the organization. But, in order for this integration to be effectively perceived also externally, this innovation must be conveyed by a new and engaging form of communication “.

And this is why, concludes Giovanni Luca Di Maio, “the PLC Group recently presented its new web portal, at the end of a project that intends to rethink the image of the company and the communicative impact on the reference market, in a double interpretation that integrates the services offered and technologies manned “.

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