Investor Relations

Corporate Governance

Board of Directors (*)

Francesco Esposito

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Diego Percopo

CEO (Chief Executive Officer) (**)

Chiara Esposito


Graziano Gianmichele Visentin


Marina D’Artibale


Claudia Crivelli


Andrea Sassi


Board of Statutory Auditors (***)

Massimo Luigi Roberto Invernizzi

Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors

Claudio Sottoriva

Standing Statutory Auditor

Maria Francesca Talamonti

Standing Statutory Auditor

Giovanni Pinna

Substitute Statutory Auditor

Francesca Michela Maurelli

Substitute Statutory Auditor

Auditing Firm (***)

EY S.p.A.

Via Della Chiusa, 2
20123 MILANO

(*) Shareholders’ meeting appointment of April 30, 2021.
(**) Board appointment of June 23, 2022.
(***) Shareholders’ meeting appointment of June 27, 2018.